Dungeon Etiquette

FapCon attendees in the dungeon must follow all of the dungeon rules at all times. In addition, they should try to make the dungeon a safe, fun, comfortable, and enjoyable place for themselves and for all other attendees. What follows is a guide for making that happen.

Dungeon Monitors

Dungeon Monitors Do:

  • Help keep people safe in the dungeon.
  • Foster an environment where people can have a good time.
  • Try to remind people of the rules, clarify them as needed, and enforce them if necessary.
  • Answer questions, as best as they can.
  • Assist players, when asked, if they’re able.
  • Ask players for information, clarification, or status if they see something that needs attention.
  • Stay visible and available.

Dungeon Monitors Do Not:

  • Guarantee anyone’s safety or good experiences.
  • Take responsibility for anyone’s actions, aside from their own.
  • Interrupt a scene without a good reason. (And DMs decide what is a good reason.)
  • Guarantee assistance to anyone if it would interfere with their duties.
  • Play while on duty.
  • Arbitrate disputes between players, except as they pertain to the rules, the management of the dungeon, and the rest of the attendees.

How to Keep DMs From Bothering You

  • Stay out of other people’s scenes. Don’t interrupt unless there’s a good reason (i.e. imminent danger).
  • If you have a concern about somone else’s play, tell a DM, and let them handle it. That’s their job.
  • Tell the DMs before you start anything edgy, risky, loud, or potentially upsetting to other attendees. If you talk to them in advance, then they won’t have to interrupt you to check in. They’ll also keep other people from interrupting your scene.

    This is especially important if you’re doing:

  • Don’t make a mess.
    • This includes sexy messes. If there’s any chance of ejaculation or squirting, use barriers like condoms and poly sheeting. No mess, no harm done.
  • Don’t leave a mess.
  • Come prepared to clean up your mess. Get your cleaning supplies in advance when possible so you don’t have to leave your bottom alone in a play space.
  • Don’t encroach into other people’s play space.
    • This includes toys, bags, and whips, floggers, and flying rope.
    • Leave more room than you think you need when whipping. Have DMs or other bystanders ensure that nobody walks behind you while you’re not looking.
  • Show that you know what you’re doing.
    • Note that this isn’t “say that you know what you’re doing.”
  • Show that you’re playing safe, and are prepared for things that will go wrong.
    • If your preferred rope cutting device isn’t a pair of safety shears, show it to the DMs in advance, and show them how it works.
  • If the DMs ask you to change something, do it without getting grumpy. Making a fuss will only make things worse for you.
  • Move aftercare out of the main play spaces, if it makes sense. This frees up space for other players.
  • Bring helpers to assist with your scene, when necessary.
    • This includes spotters for rope suspension.

The Law Of Two Feet

If you are neither benefiting from nor contributing to a scene, use your two feet, and go someplace else.

Remember “YKINMK”: Your Kink Is Not My Kink. If you see something that you think is unsafe or non-consensual, tell a DM. If you see something that is disturbing, scary, or too edgy, tell a DM… but then move away from that scene. Know what triggers you, and avoid it whenever possible.