Dungeon Rules

One of FapCon’s highest priorities is the safety of all attendees, especially within the play space we provide. To ensure this, we enforce the following rules at all times during the conference, especially while the dungeon is open and available.

It is the responsibility of all attendees to familiarize themselves with these rules before entering the dungeon space.

These are just the deal-breakers. You should also read and follow our Dungeon Etiquette Guide to know how to be a good playmate. The Dungeon Monitors and event staff, at their discretion, reserve the right to eject anyone who is creating a distrubance.

These rules apply to the FapCon conference space, including the classrooms, vendor area, and dungeon area. Additional rules may apply to the rest of the venue.

Beyond these rules, FapCon also has dungeon etiquette that you should follow. Damaging the dungeon experience for other attendees may result in you being ejected from the dungeon.

Summary of Rules

This is a quick list of the major rules. Full details follow; the detailed rules superceed this summary.

  1. DMs are in charge.
  2. Consent is a must for all things.
  3. Safewords: “Red”, “Yellow”, “Safeword”. Use a visual safeword when gagged.
  4. Don’t make trouble for anyone or anything.
  5. No fireplay, wax, or other messy play.
  6. No photos, by anyone, for any reason.
  7. No phones in the dungeon.
  8. Clean up your space after your scene.
  9. Follow the dungeon etiquette.

Play Space Management

While playing, attendees must:

  1. Use all equipment safely and as intended.
  2. Ensure that their play does not encroach into the play space of other attendees.
  3. Not allow any bodily fluids or other infectious disease vectors to leave their play area at any time, nor come into contact with the venue floor, walls, or other surfaces.
  4. Cover the play area (including walls where appropriate) and equipment in polyethelene (i.e. plastic or “poly”) sheeting whenever there is intent to expose blood to air. Attendees must dispose of this plastic sheeting in the garbage bins provided. Plastic sheeting will be provided by FapCon.
  5. Ensure that all necessary safety equipment (including but not limited to rope cutting devices) is visible and easily accessible.
  6. Clean the play area and all equipment in it when play has concluded. Cleaning must be sufficient to kill blood-bourne pathogens.
  7. Dispose of all sharp disposable implements (i.e. needles, pins, razor blades) in safe disposal containers marked for bio-hazerdous waste (i.e. “sharps containers”). FapCon will provide these containers; attendees may bring their own.
  8. Remove all toys and garbage from the play area once play has concluded.
  9. Conclude play sessions after 90 minutes if other attendees are waiting to use a particular space or piece of equipment.

Attendee Responsibilities

To be allowed to play in the FapCon dungeon, all attendees must:

  1. Agree to and abide by all of the rules outlined in this document.
  2. Respect the authority of the Dungeon Monitors and event staff, and abide by any decisions they make.
  3. Respect the rights and property of all other attendees.
  4. Respect the venue and venue staff.
  5. Take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
  6. Become informed about the risks involved in any activity they perform.
  7. Take reasonable measures to mitigate undue risks.

Prohibited Activities

The following are not allowed at all in the dungeon and/or conference space (as noted).

  1. Fireplay, or any combustion of any kind. This includes smoking and lit candles.
  2. Alcohol and Drug Use. No alcohol or drugs are allowed in the dungeon. Any attendee who appears intoxicated may be removed from the event by the staff.
  3. Photography, by anyone, for any reason.
  4. Using Electronic Recording Devices of any sort, except by FapCon presenters while in-class.
  5. Using Mobile Phones in the Dungeon. Mobile phones are permitted outside of the dungeon; you must exit the dungeon area to make calls or send text messages. Remember that you are never permitted to use the camera or other recording devices on your phone while at FapCon.
  6. Wax Play, except by Fapcon presenters while in-class.
  7. Watersports. No urination is allowed except in the bathrooms, and not in the context of a scene.
  8. Vomit or Regurgitation Play.
  9. Scat. No fecal play or enemas.
  10. Not obeying any request (related to the play space) made by a Dungeon Monitor on duty or event staff.

Dungeon Monitors

The FapCon dungeon will have Dungeon Monitors (DMs) on duty while the dungeon is open for play. The purpose of DMs is to help create a safe and fun environment for all attendees. They do not guarantee the safety of anyone.

DMs are vested with authority to make judgements and decisions that affect attendees and the dungeon space. Attendees must obey instructions from the DMs at all times. DMs and the FapCon event staff may eject from the dungeon and/or conference any attendees who are creating an unsafe, unfriendly, or un-fun space, even if they are not in violation of any other rule.


All play surfaces, including floor mats and equipment, must be disinfected once attendees have concluded play. Cleaning must be sufficient to kill HIV and Hepatitis-C pathogens while not creating a biological hazard for other attendees.

FapCon will provide disinfectant wipes that, when used as directed, are sufficient to kill these (and other) pathogens:

  1. Wear disposable gloves before cleaning with disinfectant wipes.
  2. Wipe down all surfaces with the wipes.
  3. Ensure that all surfaces are visibly wet.
  4. Let the wet surfaces stand for at least 3 minutes. If the surface is not wet enough to remain wet for 3 minutes, then repeat the cleaning process.
  5. Do not manually dry the surface.
  6. Dispose of gloves used for cleaning in the provided garbage containers.

Disposable gloves must be worn whenever blood or other bodily fluids have entered the play space, intentionally or otherwise. This includes during removal and disposal of plastic sheeting. Gloves must be removed and disposed once cleaning is complete.

A scene is not over, and the space may not be surrendered, until sufficient cleaning is complete.