For the past few years, the only time BDSLR has put down rope is to pick up his camera. He entered the scene in 2015 as an experienced travel photographer and soon began taking kink-oriented photos for Belle Bondage and local events.

He was the featured artist at Dark Odyssey’s SummerCamp in 2016, and his work has been displayed at Charm City Play Space in Baltimore, MD and Philly Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA. n regards to rope, he has presented at the Geeky Kink Event 2017, taken multiple intensives (including Pedro, Kinoko, Saki, and Gorgone), and had private lessons with Naka, Zamil, Lizard, and countless con classes. He has been mixing sadism, beauty and power dynamics to create his own style, tying multiple times a week for rope lab, photography, and play.

BDSLR’s Classes

Painful Prerequisites

Face, Fingers, Throat, and Toes…That’s Where All the Torture Rope Goes!

This sadistic rope class includes BDSLR walking participants step by step through four specific torture ties: a face mask tie, a microbondage fingers tie, a microbondage toe tie, and his favorite self-choking tie. These are all fairly strenuous ties, but ones that can easily be tailored to the bottom’s endurance and pain tolerance. He will demo each tie, including upline placement and safety concerns, and then participants will get a chance to torture their bottoms or themselves with them. He will continue the class by showing how the ties can be used in a partial predicament scene. Simultaneously, Ode2Joy will cover the “painful prerequisites,” important bottoming concepts regarding pain and pain processing, for each tie to increase bottom awareness and understanding when doing said sadistic rope.

Lecture, Demo, and Hands-On Practice
Intermediate and Advanced
Rope for practice.

The Kneeling Harness

Fed up with futomomos? Worried about waist rope? Hate hip harnesses? In this hands-on class, BDSLR will demonstrate his minimal kneeling harness, and explain safety concerns, various ways to attach uplines, and why going beyond more common structured ties can open up all sorts of possibilities. The class will conclude with an inversion transition sequence that shows off the kneeling harness’s versatility.

Lecture, Demonstration, and Hands-On Practice
Rigger/bottom pairs and single observers
Intermediate to Advanced
Rope for practice