Graydancer has been teaching, performing, and advocating for kink and BDSM for over a decade. He professionally rigs, photographs, shoots, edits, and consults in web, video, and social media for several clients ranging from to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom to the Kink Academy.

You can also hear Graydancer as a guest on various podcasts such as Polyamory Weekly and Dart’s Domain, or his own Ropecast (the longest-running kink podcast on the web). Gray was featured on Our America with Lisa Ling: 50 Shades of Kink, which aired in January of 2013 on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

While his roots lie in bondage, Gray’s focus has evolved over time to subjects such as power exchange relationships, cigar play, and the educational aspects of kink. He was the first to apply Open Space principles to a kink event, creating GRUEs that have been held at over 45 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Currently he resides in the Bondage Capital of the World, Madison, WI where he is working on becoming a total GILF.

Dr. Eaves

Dr Eaves aims to co-create a world (both internal and external) that is more intentional, more honest, and somehow more kind. She is a teacher, a published author, an artist, and a presenter, but her biggest passion lies in the intersection of story telling and co-design for the purpose of self discovery. Dr. Eaves approaches her vanilla and kink life through both a critical and a feminist lens, and does so with a touch of irreverence and a strong commitment to pushing against the margins.

Graydancer & Dr. Eaves’s Classes

“Please, Sir, May I Have Another?”

Poly & D/s Relationships

Both polyamory and power exchange relationships have complexities that can be wonderful, frustrating, or even both at the same time. In this class Dr. Eaves and Graydancer – two people who are enthusiastic about poly, D/s, and each other – will talk about some of the tools to manage these kinds of relationships in nurturing and sexy ways from beginning to end.

Discussion and Lecture
Singles, Couples, and Groups

Military-Style Bondage

Military-style bondage draws from the traditions of the samurai, the cavalry, the native Americans, special forces, and even various fictional sources to explore the fun of role-play in a Military style. Explore not only the physical forms of restraint and the reasoning behind them (including how to modify them for the safety and comfort of your “prisoner”) but also the psychological aspects of military discipline, interrogation techniques, and especially the methods of securing and manipulating the body.

Discussion and Demo

Two Play

The Art of Making Out

Rediscover the lost art of the backseat, the front porch, the stolen moments in the coat room. This is a class to rekindle the pleasures of first and second base, to explore and develop the skills that charge those make-out sessions with romantic connections that last a lifetime. Topics range from practical tips on kissing to the Ancient Kama Sutra Secrets of the Grope and cultivating the attitude of erotic anticipation that leads to That Great Kiss. Step by step, each skill building on the next, by the end you’ll be full of ideas of how to make making out outstanding. Please bring a practice partner, all genders & orientations welcome. This class has also been featured on the Kink Academy website.

This class will have the opportunity for lips & hands-on practice with a partner, but can be valuable and entertaining for solo attendees as well.

Discussion, Demo, and Hands (and Lips) -on Practice.
Couples, but Singles are encouraged to attend. Groups are welcome too, if you can make it work.