A pleasure activist and the founder of TellMia, mia (aka nudegirl) provides Sex Positive Workshops, Coaching and Events. With a degree in counselling and training in group facilitation, mia has taken that skill base and combined it with her personal experience as a bottom to create a subset of BDSM-specific education. With taboo, erotic humiliation and consensual non-consent being the foundations of her kink, she strives to help debunk some of the misconceptions, and highlight the eroticism, around these types of play. mia has been playing and running events in the community for many years and is informed by honest connections, community service and a desire to engage with like-minded deviants. She approaches kink with passion, a healthy sense of humour, a touch of irreverence and a strong commitment to personal responsibility.

Nudegirl’s Classes

Adventures in Watersports

Daddy’s Little Urinal

This class is for aspiring piss sluts or couples who are interested in adding this, often considered taboo, play into their kink life. This isn’t a ‘how to’ class for Tops, but if you are interested in it from the bottom’s perspective you are more than welcome to attend. We will cover a wide range of watersports and talk about motivation, power exchange, safety and eroticism. There will be tips for bottoms on how to manage, enjoy or suffer beautifully through various types of piss play. The class is focussed towards bottoms but couples can come or Tops who are interested from a bottom’s perspective.

Note: participation in the demo portion may be limited to the amount of kiddy pools available. If you participate, you must clean up your own areas afterwards – meaning all garbage put in bags and tied for us to dispose of please.

Discussion, Demonstration, and Optional Participation
Primarily bottoms; others are welcome to attend.
Water and/or a full bladder, towel for personal use IF you want to participate in the hands on.

Negotiation for Bad Bottoms

Are you an ‘s’ type that either has bad boundaries or your kink is such that negotiation is a serious buzz kill? Do you lean towards consensual non-consent dynamics, or get off on having your boundaries challenged or stomped on? Do you prefer to dive into the dark waters and deal with the consequences later? If you related to some or all of these but still want to keep yourself intact, happy and ready for more, then this is the class for you.

Optional: a short, sturdy stick.

When WRONG feels so Right

Going Deeper With Erotic Taboo Play

So you know you get off on the taboo and maybe you already practice “depraved” kink. In this class we will go to that next level and delve into some of the topics for the less queasy. We will discuss, empower, encourage, brainstorm and depending on the group maybe practice. We will cover finding partners, ideas on how to engage your kink, and possible considerations. It will be a delightful coming together of deviants.

Please note participation in the demo portion may be limited to the amount of kiddy pools available. If you participate, you must clean up your own areas afterwards.

Lecture and discussion, with some opportunities to participate.