Ode2Joy (Joy) is a submissive, poly, ropey lion cub — not a kitten! In a claimed 24/7 D/s dynamic for two years, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and laughing in the face of danger… usually when she’s being a brat to her Daddy. She’s an advocate by trade and has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest discussion.

Joy has been active in the greater Washington D.C. area for almost three years, and is local to Baltimore, Maryland. She has presented at Dark Odyssey WinterFire/Fusion, TesFEST, the Geeky Kink Event, Naughty Noel, and local events, and performed at Nuit de Cordes in Montreal, Canada and M0cojute’s RopeBurn in Baltimore, MD. She’s also one of the co-leaders of Baltimore BEND, the local bottoming education group. Her love language is planning things, and she can often be found bouncing around excitedly planning her next adventure.

Ode2Joy’s Classes

Building from the Bottoms Up!

Bottoming is typically about giving away control, but it also comes with two dreaded words: “personal responsibility.” Whether you’re new to the kink scene or you’ve been around for years, come learn and share ways of getting the most out of your scenes by actively participating not just in the scene itself, but also in the lead up and the post scene interactions. Join Ode2Joy, one of the leaders of Baltimore’s bottoming group, in proving that increasing the knowledge and power of our bottoms increases their safety and the safety of the scene as a whole. Bring your bottoming bag, if you have one, as well as any other resources you actively use. Tops are welcome and encouraged to attend because bottoming education is important for all roles.

Lecture and Discussion

Let’s Make a Scene, from Top to Bottom

This class is an interactive, improvisational, “choose your own rope-venture” type of class, showing the beginning, middle, and end of a rope scene, and the communication between rope top and bottom as it progresses. Participants will tie between lessons and then have brief discussions on how it went, including, how do initial choices of a tie affect a scene? What to do when you tie yourself into a figurative corner? How to get unstuck and how to change direction? A running bottom commentary will also occur throughout the lessons. Finally, the class will finish as a scene does in showing different ways a scene can end, and how to make it interesting for both top and bottom. Skill level: Multiple skill levels (beginners will do floor or partials only, intermediate and advanced can go up to full suspensions)

Lecture, Demonstration, and Hands-On Practice
Rigger/bottom pairs and single observers
  • Beginners will do floorwork or partial suspensions only.
  • Intermediate and advanced may do full suspensions.
Rope for practice

Painful Prerequisites

Face, Fingers, Throat, and Toes…That’s Where All the Torture Rope Goes!

This sadistic rope class includes BDSLR walking participants step by step through four specific torture ties: a face mask tie, a microbondage fingers tie, a microbondage toe tie, and his favorite self-choking tie. These are all fairly strenuous ties, but ones that can easily be tailored to the bottom’s endurance and pain tolerance. He will demo each tie, including upline placement and safety concerns, and then participants will get a chance to torture their bottoms or themselves with them. He will continue the class by showing how the ties can be used in a partial predicament scene. Simultaneously, Ode2Joy will cover the “painful prerequisites,” important bottoming concepts regarding pain and pain processing, for each tie to increase bottom awareness and understanding when doing said sadistic rope.

Lecture, Demo, and Hands-On Practice
Intermediate and Advanced
Rope for practice.

This Doesn’t Feel Right

Discovering Likes, Dislikes, Preferences, and Other Ropey Things in Foundational Ties

This class for rope bottoms (and tops!) will focus on when things do and don’t feel right in foundational ties. Subjects like tension, placements, and the very technical “other ropey things” will be discussed as they apply to rope bottom knowledge, safety, and risk reduction in regards to nerve damage and other rope risks. Development of bottom preference for where foundational ties such as the box tie chest harness and chest harnesses in general, futomomos, thigh cuffs, and hip harnesses should lie on the body will also be addressed, in addition to weight loading preferences for suspension. Rope bottoms are encouraged to bring rope tops, and rope tops encouraged to attend either with their tying partner or solo. Rope tops should be able to easily tie a box tie, futomomo, and hip harness, and both tops and bottoms should be comfortable with suspension.

Lecture and Hands-On Practice
Rigger/bottom pairs are ideal, but everyone is welcome.
Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Rope for practice.
  • Bottoms and tops should be comfortable with suspension.
  • Rope tops must be able to tie:
    • Box Tie
    • Futomomo
    • Hip Harness