Ojipan & goodmosttimes

Ojipan (a.k.a. Andrew) has been involved in kink and BDSM, in one form or another, for over a decade. He has rigorously been studying rope for over five years. Andrew’s work is heavily influenced by the work of Akechi Denki, Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko and Pedro. He has instructed at Bondage Expo Dallas 2015-2017, Bondage Expo Denver, and Ropecraft New Orleans. Along with goodmosttimes, Andrew is currently the lead instructor for the Devil Mask Society Cell program.

goodmosttimes (a.k.a. Melissa) started her rope education as a bottom in early 2012. She has since been expanding her knowledge as a switch and loves to share new techniques from both sides of a tie. Happily part of the Devil Mask Society since its inception, she is now one of the lead instructors of their Cell classes and the driving force behind many of their local events. She moderates annual rope bottoming panels at her local dungeon, and helped produce Ropenspace LA, NARIX 2016, and Kinoko’s Los Angeles Cyber Rope performance. Melissa has learned locally from an array of visiting international instructors and performed locally and at Folsom Street Fair. She has also taught at Ropecraft NOLA and BED as well as at weekend intensives across the US and Canada with her partner, Ojipan.

Ojipan & GoodMostTimes’s Classes

Getting High On Your Own Supply

Self-Suspension Fundamentals

Self-suspension creates challenges and opportunities unlike any other type of rope bondage. In this class we’ll discuss safety, preparation, and efficiency techniques to improve your self-suspension practice. There will be an opportunity for exploring static self-suspension and beginning conceptualization of transition sequences. The Swiss Seat will be taught in class with an overview of managing suspension lines for self-suspension.

Hands On
20 tying pairs, observers to room capacity
  • Ability to construct a non-collapsing single column tie.
  • Comfortable constructing up-lines.
  • Carabiners and a ring
  • Nylon or soft cotton rope (without a core), at least 4 lengths.

Kittens with String

Drills for Rope Handling and Efficiency

Patterns in rope are beautiful and are the main things taught to beginners so they have a benchmark to show progress. But patterns can also be time consuming and tedious to complete leaving both partners bored and frustrated. In this 80 minute class you’ll learn some tips and techniques for moving your rope fluidly and efficiently. Walk away with several new methods for practicing your new handling skills. And bottoms: your participation and feedback is vital!

Hands-On Practice
25 tying pairs, and observers to room capacity
Beginner / Intermediate
  • Tops: Ability to tie a stable single- and double-column tie
  • Bottoms: Ability to give verbal and non-verbal feedback

Tasuki Shibari

This instructional teaches not only variations on the Tasuki Shibari pattern, but also demonstrates applications for Agoura and Ebi Shibari. Partial suspension for torture play taught. Applications for full suspension discussed with demonstration if allowed by class time.

Hands On
20 tying pairs, observers to room capacity
  • Ability to construct a non-collapsing single column tie.
  • Familiarity with the components of a gote shibari will be helpful.