PoppaNawa identifies as poly flexible Leather top, developing his expression of BDSM from decades involved in the motorcycle, martial arts, and hardcore punk rock community of the Canadian Prairies. Patriarch of the Love Thy Neighbour tribe, Poppa founded both Xibalba Alternative Culture Studio (XibalbaStudio.ca), and Individuals for Informed Consensual Exchange in 2015 to promote informed, real-world kink education and outreach in his community of Saskatoon. A body modification artist by trade, his primary interest in kink centers around the more transformative power of D/s and endurance scenes. Poppa writes, blogs, educates, and travels to learn as much as time permits to advocate for a culture of informed, safe, traditional style BDSM.

PoppaNawa’s Classes

Mind, Body, and Sole

Erotic Boot Play & Worship

Those folks that love leather, often love BOOTS! And not just foot fetishists! Aside from a nice pair of boots making at the wearer look butch and hot as hell, boot play provides a plethora of BDSM experiences for both Dominant and submissive partners. Since the post war veterans brought back strict protocol in regards to fit and finish, to the modern BDSM and leather scenes, folks who love boots often develop their own process of playing in, on, and around them! in their “Bootplay & Worship” demonstration and discussion, Poppa and Bea share a few of their own tips techniques and tricks from their own toy box. Share how polishing, bootlicking, worship, and applied edges and impact of different boot styles may be used to enhance your D/s or S/m scenes.

Discussion and Demonstration
Singles, Couples, and Groups

Oomph! I’m not supposed to bend that way!

Empty Hand Rough Body Play!

Tapping out is the martial arts equivalent of a yellow light! Let’s get into that! Do you want to make somebody yelp and squirm with minimal equipment? Maybe you finally have someone bound, but no other tools to use? Maybe you want to have an impromptu rough scene with zero planning? In this class, Poppa covers Joint Locking and Pressure Points for Sensation Play. This hands-on, partner-based, class also touches on Empty Hand Take Downs, Pinning, Choking, and Body Manipulation play for rough sex. A hefty portion of these techniques can also be utilized as “dirty tricks for wrestling with bigger people”! Please bring a willing partner, and disclose any physical limitations in advance.

Discussion, Demonstration, and Hands-On Practice
Comfortable Clothing for Active Participation