River Dark & domenique

River Dark is a Leatherdyke hailing from Vancouver, Canada. In 1982 she realized she was a lesbian and in 1991 she admitted to herself that she was a kinky – but with hindsight was both queer and a pervert as far back as she can remember. In 1995 she started writing porn for the pleasure of her Master. She started teaching in 2005, spurred by her frustration with the quality of the classes she was attending.

Now, when not engaged in her Muggle life, she travels with domenique, her slave of six years, presenting workshops and creating scenes. Over the years she has presented at many local, regional, and international events & organizations. She dreams of finally finishing the anthology of erotic fiction and essay that she has been working on, and of a world where her dyke, poly, kinky, M/s heart is not incongruent with her Muggle life.

River’s slave domenique discovered the kink scene when it was 19 and immediately embraced it with mind body and soul. It spent a great deal of time running around in its own head, and has recently decided to start sharing those thoughts with a wider audience.

Riverdark & domenique’s Classes