Sir Electric and his flame

Don, also known as Sir Electric, has been a member of the Leather and BDSM community for over 20 years. As a sadist and lover he has honed his skills in a vast array of play styles. For Don the real fun comes down to energy exchange and rattling around in people’s heads.

He has worked within the Edmonton Community as an event organizer and throughout Canada as a presenter. He loves to share his knowledge and passion with others. His girl Jen ventured into the public BDSM scene in 2010. With a service oriented heart and a love for fun, play, and leather care, she also brings to the table medical knowledge that contributes to community care and medical play shenanigans.

Sir Electric’s Classes

Saline Infusions

One Way to Stay Hydrated!

Have you ever been curious about what larger breasts would look like, the feeling of inflating your scrotum to three times its normal size, have puffier labia, or really accentuate any other body part? Have you always wanted to try saline, but never been comfortable without instruction? This may be the class for you! Sir Electric will be briefly reviewing piercing procedures and clean/dirty fields, covering equipment and set-up, anatomy, piercing, and saline infusion. The class will be a combination of power-point (promise it won’t remind you of school too much!) and hands-on experience guided by Sir Electric. This is an intermediate level class; participants must be comfortable with piercing and management of clean/dirty areas.

Lecture, Demo, and Hands-On Practice