TrailMaster has been involved in S/M for 40 years and is currently living in Edmonton, AB. He is the founder of the Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team and has presented a variety of workshops throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State over the last 20 years.

A strong believer in ”Community” who self identifies as a Leather Sadist, he is always willing to share his knowledge and experiences. Although he can play at any level, with anything short of a 16 foot bullwhip, his passion is Canes. Teaching and mentoring canes is an important part of his “giving back” to the kink community.

For the last seven years he has been traveling around Western Canada on a mission to relieve the fears of those who misunderstand canes, teach those who wish to learn canes, and expound on his belief that canes are the most versatile tool you will ever have in your toy bag.

Trailmaster’s Classes


The Master Class

Fusion is the process of combining two or more elements in a way that either uses heat and / or creates heat. In this case we will be fusing Cane knowledge and Cane skill with needs / wants / triggers / connection and trust in a manner to generate as HOT a scene as possible!

Lecture and Demonstration
Trailmaster’s Canes 101 and 201 are strongly recommended as pre-requisites for this class.