Tris found the Washington Leather community in 2007 and immediately knew that she was home.

She is service-oriented and is up for a challenge of (just about) any kind. She embraces the traditions of honor, integrity, respect and service in Leather as the cornerstones to her daily life.

Known as Mama’s #AllTheThings, Tris is an analytical self-starter, social media junkie, and innovative community leader. She has played a key role in many events including Paradise Unbound, NW Leather Weekend, West Coast Link, Leather Reign; and Renegades Rendezvous.

She is a founding member of Seattle Girls of Leather and Seattle Women in Leather, and also sits on the board of Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter Riding Club. She is a proud member of Evergreen Leather Events, Edgewalkers, and the Team Fluffy crew.

Tris’s Classes

Embracing Sacrifice and Suffering

A great deal of BDSM education operates from the expectation that our sadism should be kept in service to the erotic desires of our bottoms. Sacrifice and suffering flip this script.

Brett and Tris are moved by “play” and relationships grounded in suffering past the bottom’s limits and boundaries. They cultivate D/s relationships where painful sacrifice is part of what the bottom offers the Top – Brett from the Top side, Tris from the bottom side.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about some things that are still forbidden edges, even in our community of sexual outlaws, including but not limited to:

  • Significant spiritual and emotional suffering
  • Torture, fear and blackmail that extends into people’s real lives
  • Behavior modification
  • Sacrifice
  • Humiliation and degradation

We’ll talk about what moves us, and listen to what moves you. This is an opportunity to explore the motivations and consequences of exploring these dark needs.

This workshop assumes previous BDSM experience and comfort with emotional sadism and edgier play. It is appropriate for all genders and all orientations. Both tops and bottoms are welcome, though this workshop will speak primarily from a Top perspective to Tops.

Lecture and Discussion

Soul to Sole

You’ve seen boot blacking at various events, however have you ever seen a boot worship scene? Come with us down the dark and and twisty road of boot worship! We will cover: What is boot worship? How do I start/ask/negotiate? How do you transition boot worship into boot play? What is boot play? What is stomping/grinding? Where and how can I kick them, hurt them, stomp on them? … and lets face it – a class isn’t good without demos!

Lecture, Discussion, and Demo