Terms And Conditions

  1. ALL attendees must be 18 years of age or older, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. FAPCON is an adult event and as such it is the responsibility of the attendees to practice safe, sane and consensual BDSM practices. Know what you are signing up for. We practice PRICK and RACK.
  3. The FAPCON Team (including but not limited to: organizers, presenters, volunteers, and venue staff) reserves the right to close registration early based on capacity limits. The Team will keep the website and Fetlife pages updated on these numbers.
  4. Each FAPCON registration must be registered under the name of the person attending the event, unless the registration is a gift.
  5. Registrations are transferable. All registration transfers MUST be completed on or before October 1st, 2018. Please contact Lizabitch or TheMadScientist for details.)
  6. Registrations are refundable under certain conditions. In order to receive a refund, a cancellation request must be received by the FAPCON Team no later than 12:00am (noon) MDT August 12, 2018. The cancellation request must be in writing via email to rj@fapcon.ca from the named attendee. Any refunds will be made via a method of payment at the discretion of the FAPCON organizers. The refund amount will be the amount paid for the registration less an administrative fee of $15 and less any fees associated with the method of payment (an additional $5 fee via credit card in person or credit card via papal). Cancellation requests received after 12:00am MDT August 12, 2018 will not be eligible for a refund.
  7. Each Attendee MUST produce VALID PHOTO IDENTIFICATION (passport, drivers licence or other government issued ID) upon checking in at the event, or at any time during the event as be requested by a FAPCON organizer.
  8. Identification MUST match the name under which the individual was registered. If the identification does not match the attendee’s registration information, the registration will be considered void and NO refund shall be given for ANY portion of fees paid. A registration purchased for another person will be considered a gift and property of the named Attendee.
  9. If at any time during the event, an attendee is found to be intoxicated, disruptive, damaging in a way that is not consented to, damaging to property or otherwise hindering the experience of other attendees, they may be asked to leave the event by staff. If an attendee is asked to leave the event and not return, their registration will be found void and no refund shall be given for ANY fees paid.
  10. Attendees are responsible for booking their own hotel rooms and are subject to all fees and terms of the hotel. Booking at our venue hotel is not mandatory.
  11. The venue has a family-friendly dress code. ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY NOR DEEMED INAPPROPRIATE FETISH ATTIRE shall be permitted in the hotel lobby or ANY other public area in the Hotel. The determination of inappropriate attire is at the sole discretion of the FAPCON organizers or the venue staff.
  12. Nudity and fetish wear is welcome in designated areas. These areas including classes, play parties, the vendors’ market and other locations that are accessible to FAPCON attendees only. Please respect the requests of the venue.
  13. The FAPCON team shall not be held responsible for any damage or theft of personal items of any attendees, presenters, vendors, or volunteers.
  14. The FAPCON team shall not be held responsible for any and all injuries/conditions attendees may receive as a result of attending the event. Our Team shall work hard to make sure this event is safe and enjoyable for everyone but we shall not be held liable should any accidents occur including but not limited to: bruising, cuts, illness etc. as a result of will full misconduct or gross negligence etc.